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Our minestrone is made from scratch, and is bursting with the flavours of 13 different vegetables and uses water as it base. Low in sodium, and completely vegan friendly, this soup is truly a comfort food that warms you right down to the bottom of your heart with each spoonful. Our Mangia Minute Recipe Series continues with new monthly uploads! Stay tuned for our next episode. If you enjoy our videos, please like and subscribe to our channel. If you try the recipes, please comment and let us know how they turn out for you.

The making of IL PORCELLINO’S signature meat lasagna. Using fresh pasta, a bolognese sauce made of beef and veal, which we grind in house, and mozzarella and Parmigiano cheeses. Simple and delicious. A staple on our lunch and catering menus, a hit for private events like Baptisms, Communions, Showers, or corporate events. Can also be purchased semi prepared as a take and bake item. We do the prep, you bake it and take the credit.

In this episode, we make the classic Spaghetti alla puttanesca. With the strong flavours of black olives, anchovies,hot peppers and some fresh tomato for moisture, we make our version with a Calabrese twist by adding some fennel seeds.

One of our most popular pasta dishes, this seafood spaghetti is both light and filling. With shrimp, crab and scallops, some white wine and tomato sauce, it is sure please the palate and satisfy your hunger for the afternoon.

A quick and easy tomato sauce recipe is essential for any pasta lover. Here is how we make a quick sugo that can be made all year round.

This months Mangia Minute recipe features one of our most popular veal recipes for private events, Veal Marsala. Tender and packed full of flavour, pan seared veal cutlets with mushrooms and Marsala wine are a sure hit with any veal lover. Substitute regular mushrooms for your favourite mushroom and notice the difference in flavour!

Our only warning, be careful when buying a bottle of marsala because there are 2 types. The sweet dessert Marsala, which typically dons a picture or graphic of an egg or a chicken as the wine has egg yolks in it and is very sweet. The second and the one used in this recipe is the fortified one, not sweet at all. Read the labels, make sure to get the correct marsala.

There’s nothing quite like local tomatoes. And when you add herbs and spices, and little olive oil, tomatoes can come together as a fantastic starter.